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*A Trip to the City 

*It’s weird.

She’s never actually literally gotten lost in a crowd before.

But there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there? 

It went like this:

Bobby and Kitty started off walking close together, just nearly holding hands.  When was the right time to grab his hand? Or was he going to grab hers? Or was it just too early to hold hands altogether?

Oh screw it.

She’d jumped at it and quickly went to grasp his hand

just at the same time he did hers.

Aaaand they both ended up badtouching each other.

Which caused a spurt of terribly loud and possibly socially intrusive laughter, Kitty’s cheeks red with embarrassment.

Okay, back to walking.  …Is it time to try again? …Now? ….Now? Wait a minute, no, where’s Bobby?

And just like that they lost each other.

Exiting the crowd as quickly as she could, Kitty walked to the least populated area she could find and took out her phone to text him to let him know just where she’d ended up…and find out where he’d been carried off to.*

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